Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy

International Students

Original Price: US $1,199

Discount Price: US $899

Indian Students

Original Price: Rs. 85,000

Discount Price: Rs. 62,000

Course Description

In today’s modern world, people solely depend on medicine to heal any ailments. While allopathy does show results for most people, it is not always a sustainable solution and often leads to relapses. This is because good health can only be attained through a permanent lifestyle change and not merely one-time fixes. Doing yoga, therefore, needs to be made a habit in order to prevent illnesses as you grow older. 


However, for those who are already unwell and unfit, yoga can also help you reclaim your health. The power of the mind is often underestimated in reversing chronic diseases and this course will help you cultivate exactly that. Apart from asanas, you will be taught traditional practices like Pranayama, Shuddhikriya and meditation and relaxation techniques which, when done religiously, will always keep you hale and hearty.


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