Kids Yoga Training – Residential


Kids Yoga Training

International Students

Original Price: US $1,199

Discount Price: US $899

Indian Students

Original Price: Rs. 85,000

Discount Price: Rs. 62,000

Course Description

Have you been wanting to teach yoga to kids but do not feel equipped enough to do so? If yes, you’re in the right place! Through our Kids Yoga Training course, you will learn to customize yoga courses for children of all age groups. You will be taught which asanas are good for them and how it is that you can ensure they do it correctly, as well as which ones they should steer away from and why. 


Since most kids couldn’t care less about serious conversations about health and well-being as we grown-ups do, you will also be trained to make your sessions fun and interactive for them, so that they develop an inclination towards the yogic lifestyle from an early age and can use the gift of Yoga to prevent illnesses as opposed to curing them. 


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The left over fees have to be paid in cash, bank transfer, credit or debit card by the first day of the course. Read all the terms and conditions here.