200 Hour Online YTTC


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

International Students

Original Price: US $599

Discount Price: US $399

Indian Students

Original Price: Rs. 40,000

Discount Price: Rs. 25,000

Course Description

This course takes you a notch higher in your yogic journey: Not only do you learn postures, but also the philosophy behind them. Not only do you learn about human anatomy, but also therapy that heals the body. 


Once you have mastered that, you will be taught how to teach others and motivate them, no matter their shortcomings and difficulties, to become their best selves through yoga. This will involve observing an experienced faculty member take a class, and then charting out your own. You will then be given the chance to conduct your own yoga sessions and get constructive feedback from senior teachers as well as your peers. 


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