100 Hour Online YTTC


100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

International Students

Original Price: US $399

Discount Price: US $199

Indian Students

Original Price: Rs. 25,000

Discount Price: Rs. 13,000

Course Description

This course comprises both the spiritual and practical side of yoga. You will learn advanced asanas that come under Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Vinyasa, Yin/Yang Yoga, Kundalini and Tantra Kriyas, as well as techniques to master sophisticated mantras and meditations. The relationship between the five layers of the body, collectively called Panchkosha, and the effects of these techniques on each kosha, will also be touched upon. 


Moreover, you will be familiarized with ancient scriptures which preach the ideal philosophy, ethics and lifestyle a yogi should live by.

With the help of this knowledge and experience, you will be able to design courses for all sorts of people – beginners, intermediate and advanced!


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